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Art Nouveau Spring/Summer 2022

Art Nouveau Spring/Summer 2022 Angelika Józefczyk


[…] since I remember I was always inspired by art and architecture. This time I choose the time of Art Nouveau. The main reason was to bringing up the female beauty by the clothes. I want to see every woman who is wearing my clothes to feel special by not be overwhelmed by the clothes. By this collection I want to highlight the beauty as it taken place in a few decades ago […]

Angelika Józefczyk


The photographer of the collection Anna Sincini

Collection is composed of 14 evening wear styles like long and cocktail dresses and tailored suits. Every look of the collection has been prepared in traditional designer’s family owned tailors manufacture in Poland. In the collection the first time have been shown the models of shoes designed by Angelika Józefczyk.

The collection is inspired by the Art Nouveau, an international style of art & architecture called as “the new art” during 1960’s. This period was represent the new waves of progression in society and also had an effect on the fashion by revolutionising the tight corsets of the Edwardian period to a new soft fashionable female silhouette. The designer Angelika Józefczyk was inspired by the expression of artists like William Morris of the Art’s and Craft’s movement, Gustav Klimt or architecture of Antonio Gaudi. The main points of the collection are embroidery fabrics patterned like a works of arts, flowing lines of the styles and pastel colours palette. In the collection are used soft fabrics like chiffon, satin and crepe.


The fashion show of the collection take place in picturesque Italian interiors at Palazzo Ferrajoli in the eternal city of Rome. As a place of the photoshoot have been chosen the most significant places in Rome like the Trevi Fountain, the Piazza di Spagna and Fontana der Quattro Fiumi.


Photographer - Anna Sincini
Models - Luiza Benzouaoua, Jasmin Ishak, Kristina


Check here for materials from the show and lookbook of the collection.

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OTTHIE by Angelika Jozefczyk

OTTHIE by Angelika Jozefczyk



"Art Nouveau" S/S 22 Runway

"Art Nouveau" S/S 22 Runway