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Angelika jozefczyk statement image

The brand created by Angelika Józefczk is dedicated to women demanding quality, uniqueness, and the best of life. The brand dressed up the individualities who are expressive and break down barriers and plays with fashion. The place of residence does not matter to her - as long as she can work and socialize there. Age for her is just numbers. She adheres to the principle that a woman becomes more expressive with age. If the black, it is broken with a strong accent. If a t-shirt, then only for a well-cut jacket. She does not like to overpay but does not skimp on his whims. She travels often, most often on vacation or weekend sightseeing in Europe. She loves champagne and martini with vodka, but it happens that she takes a sip of her man's cognac.

It doesn't care what is fashionable. It is supposed to feel good in clothes, often choosing timeless cuts but with interesting colors.

modern decadence angelika jozefczyk campaign

The brand is dynamic, modern but also universal. Strong cuts do not skimp on femininity, they emphasize it, giving it a big-city style. The designs are not afraid of strong and expressive colors, interesting and unusual textures. They are characterized by finesse and precision of execution. Strong premium positioning, however, the mid-range price range. The line of sweatshirts and T-shirts and casual dresses, evening gowns and the Business line.

Women of the brand perceive it as luxurious. Wearing brand clothes they feel confident, sexy and determined to conquer the world. This wardrobe is both armor and glass for them. Armor, because they know that nothing will stand in their way, and the glass, because they know that even in the armor under this label, they will be ethereal and seductive.
The brand is associated with high society women. Hearing the name, they see the world's catwalks, powerful shows and people's admiration. They feel that a dress or a jacket with this tag will give them a ticket to luxury. Importantly, clients have the impression that they are not being cheated. The affordable price for clothes of global quality and range further strengthens their belief that the brand cares about women.