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Designed by Angelika Józefczyk
Everything starts with fabrics, which is why several years of searching for material suppliers have resulted in cooperation with the leaders of European production. Angelika Józefczyk believes in the art of tailoring and local craftsmanship passed down from generation to generation, therefore all projects are made in Poland by the best tailors. Azucco suits designed by Angelika Jozefczyk are more than trousers with a jacket. It's a way of expressing yourself through a strong, distinctive cut. It adds courage thanks to the slim fit. It emphasizes the character of an individualist who is not afraid to go through life without compromise.


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Sequin Mini SkirtSequin Mini Skirt
Sequin Mini Skirt Sale price€220,00
Asymmetric Body Maya BlackAsymmetric Body Maya Black
Asymmetric Body Maya Black Sale price€155,00
Sequin Gold Loose BlazerSequin Gold Loose Blazer
Sequin Gold Loose Blazer Sale price€360,00
Sequin Noir Flare PantsSequin Noir Flare Pants
Sequin Noir Flare Pants Sale price€240,00
Sequin Noir Loose BlazerSequin Noir Loose Blazer
Sequin Noir Loose Blazer Sale price€360,00
Asymmetric Blazer Black
Asymmetric Blazer Black Sale price€280,00
Blazer Tiara Navy Blue
Blazer Tiara Navy Blue Sale price€280,00
Blazer Tiara Burgundy
Blazer Tiara Burgundy Sale price€280,00
Blazer Tiara Emerald Green
Blazer Tiara Emerald Green Sale price€280,00
Double-Breasted Blazer Emerald Green
Black Cropped Cigarette Trousers
Navy Blue Cropped Cigarette Trousers
Emerald Green Cropped Cigarette Trousers
Asymmetric Blazer Burgundy
Asymmetric Blazer Burgundy Sale price€240,00
Asymmetric Blazer Terracotta Navy Blue
Asymmetric Blazer Black
Asymmetric Blazer Black Sale price€240,00
Asymmetric Blazer Emerald green
Burgundy Cigarette Trousers
Burgundy Cigarette Trousers Sale price€140,00
Burgundy Double Breasted Blazer